It doesn't have to make sense


tomorrow my friend Brittany Rawlings will be showcasing her jewelry line at Gen Art in Miami which is an arts and entertainment organization that want to show the world talented new designers and I have no words to describe how proud i am of her! - never in my life i've met such a strong and inspirational person that follows dreams and enjoys life to the fullest! watch out because wherever or whatever she's pointing at, she'll get it! Anyways, her jewlery designs B.Rawlings are exquisite and sophisticated- with a touch of edginess that will make any woman feel like a piece of art. Her life has been a roller coaster and her passion and hard work has made her designs be noticed and now socialites and designers can't get enough of her. Wish you the best B! Stay tuned for pictures from the upcoming fashion show...

these are just few of her designs that I love!

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  1. These neck pieces are beautiful

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