It doesn't have to make sense

that's what i say

hi! Today is a beautiful and sunny day and instead of being outside and getting a great tan im in my room not feeling well - oh well...I'll make it up next weekend and enjoy it twice as much! i like to keep myself busy because when im not i tend to think and analize everything too much and today was a not so busy here are few quotes of some of the things i concluded today. Also, read more to "get the look" of the pieces from these photographs.

“I have met a few Casanovas I like and a few I have not liked - and I hope to meet a few more.” Sienna Miller

"It's not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm just trying to find another way." Edie Sedgwick

"What people say isn't going to stop me. I have to do things for myself." Kate Moss

1) get Kova & T lace leggins at shopbop 
2) get American Apparel leggings they dont rip 

3) get jumpers at urban outfitters 

vintage relativity

If you love vintage, you have to check out Spanish MossVintage. I recently discovered this vintage online store through H & Mwebsite and I’m totally fascinated by all the pieces Suzanne Ford Carafano (theowner, stylist, and designer behind Spanish Moss) has found on her continuouslyand endless search across the country for vintage clothes. Here are few of myfavorite pieces…

Fragolina Pompadour: high-end swimwear

Im so excited the sun and heat are back and now it's time to get that perfect bathing suit! I love the glamorous designs my friend Francesca Mercurio has on her latest swimwear collection. Her style and creativity are very unique and can't wait for her next collection! To order some of her fabulous swim suits go to

every day wedges

I dont know about you...but i always buy shoes and than realize that can't wear them everyday so today I was shoe shopping (let's say better wishlisting) for awesome wedges that would match everything. Obviously found them on two of my fav sites.

           Jeffrey Campbell's "tick wedgebootie" at

"amazeog peep toe wedges" at

Alexander McQueen: King of HIGHHEELS

Alexander Mcqueen will be remembered always! He made fashion go GAGA with his Spring 2010 collection specially his high heeled boots. He changed my vision in fashion and opened another dimension of what I thought was reality. Talking about GAGA check out her video "Bad Romance" where she is wearing McQueen's shoes.