It doesn't have to make sense

basso & brook with some finsk

I am totally fascinated by basso & brook's collection. Its very dramatic and lots of black yet prints are involved. to be honest in the past i saw some of their collections but i never felt attracted to it in a way of keeping up with it until this spring ready to wear. It all started last weekend when i saw this girl wearing such lovely geometric wedges and asked her where she got them from and saw they where "finsk" so went straight to my computer did some research and saw their website. fell in love with all their shoe designs and learned they actually showcased their shoes in london fashion week for basso & brook. That's why i saw this collection and now im totally fascinated by it. i like that they use different pieces or fabrics to create a look and it looks great. the contrast of black and print creates a sense of sexyness and playfulness. lets see what their next collection brings us...

Source: and Finsk

wmc miami glimpse

sorry if i didnt post anything lately. it was wmc last week and everybody was out and about so now i recoverd and here are some photos. i took so many pictures but didnt really want to bore you with all of them. winter music conference is well known for bringing the best well known dj's around the world to miami and therefore a lot of great parties take place this time of year...i love it because its another excuse of dressing up and being who you want to be and you just dance like if there's no tomorrow fun fun fun
how cool is this cup? the funny thing is that we noticed the creative part on our second drink...
blue floor at fontaine bleu miami
BT and Jess @ Karma
crazy effects my camara does once in a while and i love it!(compare it to the pic above)
a lot of people were wearing boots. this is to show you that we can wear boots every day of the year even if its extremely hot! @edenroc
fake eye lashes with green poka dots

Daisy and Ray Bans can never go wrong ;)
look at those red leather boots! eh want them!
in Europe this party "circoloco" is famous 'cause everyone wears wigs
some Patron?
I want this bracelet so bad! if anybody knows where I can get one similar please let me know :)
dont you think this is a do it yourself kinda purse? i really need to practice on those few sewing lessons i took a couple months ago.
im a big fan of lady gaga are you? so the minute i saw those glasses i heart them! Its like wearing lace leggins on your face!
for me who wants to travel the world this jacket would be an everyday reminder of achieving it! and in great fashion kinda way...
ibiza love child. they had a booth with a lot of cute stuff
if i could only post a picture i would go for this one! the brand is finsk so I went to their website and their designs are so amazing! 

spring fling break

Hello Miami and everyone who’s coming to Miami this week! It’s officially spring break here so get your best swimwear, clothes, hat,  sunglasses, and dancing shoes cause this is about to get ridiculously crazy & fun! WMC (winter music conference) officially started and there will be lots of events, parties, and pool parties. For those of you who like to mix your passion for music with fashion then Funkshion Fashion week is starting this thrusday as well - below you will find the schedule for each show...
drink all day. play all night. lets get it started. im in MIAMI b*tch!
“That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. ”
yes, you will need this! doesnt look so bad when it's approved by CHANEL
it's going to be a long long night!...
you can never go wrong with heart shaped sunglasses!

photo collage was created by me and clothing swimwear accesories are from: urban outfitters,B.Rawlings,shopbop, fragolina pompadour & other pictures were from Flickr!

wondering what heels to wear for this week? are my top for the week!

Day time....

Night time...

go to 

FUNKSHION Fashion Show Schedule

5 - 8PM LRG Clothing with Kenny Dope and INDIA
8PM Buffalo Jeans 
10 PM Buffalo Jeans Afterparty

5 - 8PM LV Clothing and Little Louie Vega
8PM Pitahaya Swimwear 
10PM Hotel Costas Parisian Nights with Stephane Pompougnac

8PM SOME PARTY - closing party of FUNKSHION 

miami fashion week begins

miami international fashion week is here! is considered one of the leaders of international and hispanic fashion event accross the US. It was full with beauty, fashion, music, celebrities, chefs, bubblely and food. The first day was really fantastic. There were so many things going on that i dont even know where to start so lets recap a bit with some pictures...
guess who chef celebrity this is? YES! Chef Ron Duprat...he was a contestant for TOP CHEF and he is well known for adding in his food exotic flavors with a touch of haitian creole and influenced also by french-asian cuisine. What a sweet guy! it's all about peace, love, and FOOD 
by the way...i'm wearing a vintage top i bought on Ebay (im really obsessed) for some reason it looks gray but its actually more towards black. i love it very unique...not even telling how much it was! ridiculous! :)
These are some pics I took before the fashion show. the first pic was a nice guy I met who was there supporting his friend. the second pic is with well known hispanic celebrity reporter. 3rd pic is with Patty Manterola a famous mexican actress/singer (she is so pretty and very nice)

you might wonder why I took a picture of this halloweenish custome? it's not that pretty! well...look closer HA! it's made out of condoms...and thought would be cool to show you - what a waste in condoms! haha just kidding...

and let the show begin!...
here are my favorite pieces from each designer that i would most definetely wear in a heart beat.

Ramona Ruso

Prashant Sudha

Cesar Rosario

Romina Heighes


Eduardo de las Casas

Julian Chang

Petit Pois

Nicolas Felizola

I fell in love with his wearable accessory art! and I really tried to stay with the blazer! it failed...
His name is Jon Spencer Eiseman and you can see more of his artistic creations at