It doesn't have to make sense

basso & brook with some finsk

I am totally fascinated by basso & brook's collection. Its very dramatic and lots of black yet prints are involved. to be honest in the past i saw some of their collections but i never felt attracted to it in a way of keeping up with it until this spring ready to wear. It all started last weekend when i saw this girl wearing such lovely geometric wedges and asked her where she got them from and saw they where "finsk" so went straight to my computer did some research and saw their website. fell in love with all their shoe designs and learned they actually showcased their shoes in london fashion week for basso & brook. That's why i saw this collection and now im totally fascinated by it. i like that they use different pieces or fabrics to create a look and it looks great. the contrast of black and print creates a sense of sexyness and playfulness. lets see what their next collection brings us...

Source: and Finsk


  1. haha, thankyou! im not too keen on them either but covered in crystals they're not so bad ;D
    love the shoes! espescially the boots ♥

  2. Love Finsk. The shoes are out of this world! Thanks for popping on by SheWearSheShares! My nail polish is Green Matte#7 from Urban Outfitters :)

  3. wow those wedges are amazing!

  4. I'm loving these wedges!!! simply amazing..