It doesn't have to make sense

a day at "calle ocho"

Last week street fashion photographer blogger Yvan Rodic came to Miami for a few days for a book signing at The Webster Miami. We stayed in touch and the next day he said to me "everyone is telling me to go to calle ocho." For those of you who don't know calle ocho or "8th street", it's Miami's "Little Havana." I offered to take him facehunting with my little sister Steph and oh wow! I forgot the culture on that street, it's like a cuban storybook. From authentic Cuban restaurants to Domino Park to amazing bars. 
A Day with Yvan? he is such a flirt! hahaha incredible person, super talented and always on the go for new ventures.
Eating the best pineapple homemade ice cream from a place called "tutti frutti" Incredible!

The best authentic Cuban Restaurant! We had bread with butter and were dipping it in "cafe con leche" soooo good! Then chicken, rice, plantains, and ofcourse black beans! ok...I'm hungry again.
This was the coolest bar! I wish I remembered the name (if someone knows, please let me know) There was a lot of art and the patio was amazing! When I saw the bar I knew that was my dream bar...well, one day... Oh that's my sis @stephwashere in the last picture.

Miss you Yvan! xoxo

To see Yvan's facehunting go to or


  1. OMG looooooooove it!!! the photos are amazing!!!!

  2. soo cool that you got to hang out with Yvan! and that little restaurant looks fabulous! Glad you had a great day