It doesn't have to make sense

shock therapy

I saw this picture and I'm like hey this is me right now! I have so many things going on; I have to finish packing to finally move, going to dinner tonight ;) Also, tomorrow is my last day working at Spirit of Women (I'm going to miss everyone so much). I have to pack for 15 days 'cause I'm going to Houston and then Portland... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but other than that I'm so excited how everything is flowing. I'm going to follow my friend Ayanna 's advice and drink a Kir Royale or white Sangria or bellini or maybe all!
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I'm obsessed with this post and the picture is awesome!!!
    I'm totally feeling the same way too!! Many many things happening right now... Oh well everything happens for a reason so take life as it comes and enjoy your kir royale yum!!!

  2. Your leaving good journey ;) xxoo